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Keep Organized With Insertable Label Holders By Aigner!

Organization Aids has been our business since 1951, and since then, we have expanded our label holder solutions to encompass innovative products for every storage application. We are the industry leader. THE brand name in label holders. We continue in our focus on being the leading manufacturer and distributor of Label Holders for storage applications throughout North America.

Aigner has the solution for most any label holder need. Aigner label holders are actually management tools that prevent problems before they arise. Whatever the initial investment, you'll receive quick payback in materials, labor, and overall efficiency that includes:

  • Ease of normal label changes
  • 50% Cost Savings in materials required in eliminating expensive, hard-to-remove self-adhesive labels
  • 65% Savings in Labor to apply and remove self-adhesive labels. No more shelf clean-up time!
  • Prevent Costly Mispicks can add up over the course of a year

We specialize in new product innovation, providing quality products at competitive prices and take pride in our superior service, delivery, and success at "being easy to work with."

When looking for a label holder solution, LOOK TO THE LEADER! Look to Aigner.