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An Efficient Labeling System for "T·Slot" Aluminum Extrusion Modular Components

This unique, clear plastic insertable label holder will identify contents of framed assemblies. When contents change, just reprint a new insertable paper label. Snaps in and snaps out for relocation. Two styles designed to fit either 10/25 series products or 15/40 series products. matte finish is bar code compatible. 25 holders per package with white inserts.

Stock # Size Application Unit Price /
Price /
Laser / Inkjet
Inserts Stock #
Download Price /
50 sheets
TS-13 1" x 3" 10/25 Series 25 31.50 .365 LI-113-20 Word Template 20.50 (1,000)
TS-16 1" x 6" 10/25 Series 25 42.50 --- LI-116-10 Word Template 20.50 (500)
TS-24 2" x 4" 15/40 Series 25 42.50 .400 LI-514-10 Word Template 20.50 (500)
TS-26 2" x 6" 15/40 Series 25 52.00 --- LI-516-5 Word Template 20.50 (250)

Custom lengths available (up to 48") on special order.

"T" Slot Label Holders

"T" Slot Label Holders

Hold Shop Orders, Job Tickets, or any size Document to "T·SLOT" 15/40 series Modular Framing Components

This unique clear plastic clip is designed to hold important documents required in an industrial setting. It snaps into "T·SLOT" framing components and snaps out for relocation. Soft plastic inside ribs prevent document(s) from falling out. Use with 15 or 40 series products ONLY. 25 holders per package. Job ticket holders are sold separately.

Stock # Size Application Unit Price / Pkg Price / Inch
SH-15403 7/8" x 3" 15/40 Series Only 25 31.50 .365

"T" Slot Sign Holder Clip

Limited Quantities Available, Please Call Us